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The Power of Music

Welcome here! Whether a friend or family member invited you here or you stumbled upon our page, music brought us here together. Music is very powerful. Looking back at my life it imprinted many special memories in my heart and soul.

Recording my previous CDs has mostly been a solitary process; the only people involved  were working on the recording. And once it was done we looked for ways to share it with the world.

The way I look at it, the reason for recording music is to share it and have it be heard. I'm thrilled about going on this adventure with you! We'll share the way the songs sound at the beginning, all the way to their final production, with everything in between. We look forward to your input and sharing all the fun moments too! That to me is the wonderful power of music, to connect us and unite us. In feeling, creativity and life. We're changing the solitary process to a collective adventure!

Keep in mind that when you contribute to our project, we not only get to share the exciting adventure of recording an album in the studio together,
you're also helping kids of all backgrounds have access to music in the schools. I was fortunate to have access to music classes as a kid, and look forward to extending that joy to more children.

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The Plan

I have released 4 CDs so far. Out of my own pocket mostly.

Involving you in the process is a new approach. I have more songs than we will record this time around. But here’s a breakdown of how we are planning to approach this project:

  • We have already recorded the pre-production tracks for 3 of the songs
  • The amount we raise will determine how we record the album
  • $15,000 will enable us to complete the recording of up to 8 songs
  • When you contribute you will get to hear those songs from their inception to their completion: initially through an acoustic video recording of the song, then through various audio stages all the way to the mastered completed version
  • To the public at large we will make one song available every 2 to 3 months
  • 1 year from now we will have a release party and then the body of work will be released publicly.

Seeing and Hearing Is Believing

Here are a couple of videos I have recorded over the years, my first one, and my latest one:




This Is Happiness


The Team

To embark on this campaign I have spent the better part of the last two years building a team to do it with, and growing my following. As well as touring and playing the songs.

Here are the folks I am grateful to have on my team:

Sara Dudine, my executive assistant. We have been working together since 2008.


Zoe Yang, our talented go getter graduated intern and film music composer from Taiwan, we have been working together for a year.


Channing Wisz, our bright driven and articulate graduated intern who is passionate about the music industry.


The production team of über-talented musicians and producers: saxophonist Lincoln Adler and keyboard player Greg Sankovich. We worked together on my last CD “This Is Happiness” and I’m very excited to move forward together. I have great respect for them as humans, as well as for their talent and abilities. Time spent with them is always a treat and I am so excited about what we are about to co-create!

Above and Beyond

Our official goal of $15,000 gets the music recorded and mastered, $30,000 gets the basic tracks recorded with more choices of studios and access to more musicians. A lot more needs to happen for the music to get out to the world and heard.

My team and I have put together a concrete plan and budget of how to best release this album. Here is a list of the things we need to make this happen. The idea is to hit all of these things at once so they support each other and generate a huge buzz about the music. $60,000 is what we need to make it all happen from recording to:

  • Publicity - A great music PR firm is able to increase awareness in all media. They get articles in magazines, blogs, newspapers. They get you on television shows, web concert series, radio performances. They get you OUT THERE. I have met with the firm I look forward to working with.
  • Radio - It is still one of the popular ways for people to listen to and find out about music. Unfortunately this is also one of the most expensive parts of the campaign. Involving radio is the cornerstone of a successful tour.
  • Videos - They’re a very important part of an album release, and we’re planning to select two singles on the album to turn into videos.
  • Mailings - An important part of an album release is getting the songs licensed to film/television/commercials and movie trailers.
  • Duplication - The album is finished! But now we need to make physical copies. We’re going to start with a pressing of 1000 CD's. Some folks in and out of the industry still request and enjoy hard copies!
  • Tour Press - We are currently planning a fall tour. Followed by a spring tour. To effectively promote the spring tour, we have a publicist solely dedicated to promoting the shows and getting local press.

Here is a breakdown of the costs to effectively promote the album 4 months. This will get things off the ground and create enough traction to get the project moving on it's own.

Check out the rewards, make a pledge today and help us create connection, through music, around the world! We look forward to sharing this adventure with you!


Thank you for your help!

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